POWER SYSTEM Ankle Support Pro With Strap - White - Size: L/XL

Power System 6009WT Ankle Support Pro With Strap - White
Power System 6009WT Ankle Support Pro With Strap - White
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Elastic Ankle Strap Support BROWSE

Product code: 6009WT-5 Weight: 0.08 kg

  • The Sports Ankle Support holds the ankle securely in place during sporting activities and reduces your risk of sprains and ankle injury. The support’s beneficial compression and integrated taping strap stabilize the ankle. The strap provides adjustable support and flexibiltiy to ensure effective stabilization and a comfortable fit.
  • The knitted fabric gently massages the tissue during movement. The figure eigtht strap also exerts additional compression. This action improves circulation and the dual stimulation triggers positive sensory motor feedback. The ligaments are supported and the stabilizing muscles are activated to reduce the risk of an ankle sprain or lateral twist.
  • The fabric of the Sports Ankle Support is lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking and washable. It is designed for maximum breathability and comfort. Its anatomic contouring and taping strap provide a secure fit and maximum freedom of movement.
  • Measure the circumference of your ankle at the narrowest point above the ankle bone. Refer to the sizing chart in the product images for a size to associate with this measurement.
  • With proper use and care, our products are designed to last.

Color White
Size S/M, L/XL