POWER SYSTEM Balance Trainer Zone With Expanders

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Exercise Balance Cushion With Expanders BROWSE

Product code: 4200 Weight: 6.2 kg

  • SUPERIOR BEARING CAPACITY: The maximum weight bearing of BALANCE TRAINER ZONE could up to 350 Kg. which is twice than normal version.
  • BALANCE TRAINER ZONE as an upgraded version has a lot of improvements based on the traditional version including reducing the weight to 5,5 kg. and thickening 5mm to surface. These improvements make our balance ball to be lighter, stronger and more portable.
  • HIGH STABILITY AND HIGH SECURITY: BALANCE TRAINER ZONE adopts a healthy and non-toxic PVC material. Its surface is thickened by 5MM and adopts matte and non-slip texture, which is strong, durable and non-slip. It also has 6 anti-slip mats on the bottom to ensure the stability during use. In addition, there are 18 screws on the bottom to fix the base to the hemisphere. It could prevent the surface of balance ball to go off the bottom.
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSES :Users could use BALANCE TRAINER ZONE to do variety training including balance, strength, flexibility and muscles exercises. They could stand, jump, kneel and lie dowm to exercise every part of body on any side of the ball .
  • PRODUCT INCLUDES: one BALANCE TRAINER ZONE, two pull rope, one pump, two anti-leakage plug, and one action map. Users could put our products in the house, office and gym since our products are light, small and easy to carry.
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