POWER SYSTEM Barbell Grip Adapters Max Gripz - XL - Color: Blue

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Grip Strengthening Barbell Grips BROWSE

Product code: 4057BU-0 Weight: 0.6 kg

  • Function: build bigger, stronger arms, insane strength gains, our dumbbell strength your strong forearm, upper arm, and the entire upper body, to prevent muscle imbalance and injury.
  • PowerSystem – MAX GRIPZ help you sculpt your muscle mass and enhance your strength by increasing muscle stimulation.
  • 12cm. long x 5cm. outer diameter standard size fits virtually most barbells, dumbbell handles, weight bars, pull-down Ropes, cable machine attachments and kettle bells.
  • Designed for men and Women's hand size. Convert any bars within seconds in 2 easy steps: 1-spread open the grips, 2-attach to bar.
  • Features: our dumbbell reduce joint pain by shifting the stress and relieves stress and pressure on wrists, hands, and fingers. Causes much greater muscle Activation in the arms which leads to incredible size and strength gains.
  • Power through cross-fit, powerlifting, weightlifting or strongman training across a variety of exercises, lifts and bars, including the barbell, dumbbell and kettle bell.
  • Used by top bodybuilders: our barbell grips are used by many: champion bodybuilders, UFC fighters, Special forces soldiers, and cross-fit athletes.
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