POWER SYSTEM Barbell Insert Deadlift Wedge

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Barbell Insert Deadlift Wedge BROWSE

Product code: 4068 Weight: 0.41 kg

  • LOAD AND UNLOAD BARBELLS SAFELY & EASILY: Simply put the first plates on your barbell and effortlessly roll onto the wedges. It increases the plate’s height by 1,5 cm. allowing you to easily load and unload other plates on the bar.
  • Loading and unloading plates from the floor is never be a pain in your back,it's crazy that this small portable jack wedge can make such a huge positive impact in training days.
  • Deadlift jacks are expensive and take up space. Most gyms can only afford 1 or 2, but have multiple lifters training at the same time. PowerSystem – DEADLIFT WEDGES are the solution.
  • Easily roll the inermost plate up the ramp, roll off, easily load or unload plates anywhere. plate or block of wood is unstable, plates can roll off causing frustration and injury.
  • This Barbells Wedge is a revolutionary deadlift jack alternative allowing you to load/unload barbells safely and easily. We specifically designed it so you don’t have to balance the bar while fetching plates and loading your barbell.
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