POWER SYSTEM Benchpress Slingshot Bench Blaster - Blue - Color: Blue, Size: XL

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€ 31.28

Benchpress Slingshot Bench Blaster BROWSE

Product code: 3720BU-5 Weight: 0.36 kg

  • Protects arms during various bench press exercises.
  • Helps maintain correct weightlifting posture.
  • Protects the elbow, relieves shoulder pain
  • High elastic rubber band, enhances maximum bench press lifts.
  • Keeps the elbows tucked, the lats tight and shoulders in a good position.
  • Great tool for all lifters wanting to add pounds to their bench press
Size Length x width (in mm) Sleeve radius (in mm)
M 660 * 150 170
L 720 * 150 180
XL 780 * 150 200
Color Blue