POWER SYSTEM Elbow Support Pro With Strap - White - Size: L/XL

Power System 6007WT Elbow Support Pro With Strap - White
Power System 6007WT Elbow Support Pro With Strap - White
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Elastic Elbow Strap Support BROWSE

Product code: 6007WT-5 Weight: 0.08 kg

  • highly breathable, ultra-light and comfortable to wear. relieves pain, and reduces risk of repetitive injury and helps to reduce swelling.
  • through comfortable pressure and body heat retention, it: 1) improves blood circulation, 2) warms up your muscles faster due to increasing blood flow thus 3) improving your performance with better muscle support and efficiency
  • high elastic compression straps: the compression elbow sleeve features a no-slip cuff to prevent the elbow sleeve from slipping or sliding. whether using the elbow sleeve for tennis or to treat elbow pain from an overuse injury, the compression in the elbow sleeve allows it to stay in place and not slip or slide unlike traditional tennis elbow straps. the lightweight design of the elbow sleeve provides a full range of motion unlike hard elbow braces.
  • made with ultra-comfortable material. Elbow sleeve is moisture wicking, anti-odor, and comfortable. The compression elbow sleeve will not become heavy with perspiration, staying lightweight. It is breathable, ensuring you don't get hot while wearing.It is made of a nylon and spandex blend. we guarantee this is the best elbow sleeve you will ever use.
  • scentific-providing pressure: mitigate fatigue accumulation; best for tennis elbow and tendonitis pain relief
Color White
Size S/M, L/XL