POWER SYSTEM Fitness Gloves Pro Grip - Purple - Color: Violet, Size: S

Power System 2250PU Fitness Gloves For Weightlifting Pro Grip - Purple
Power System 2250PU Fitness Gloves For Weightlifting Pro Grip - Purple
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Fingerless Fitness And Gym Gloves BROWSE

Product code: 2250PU-2 Weight: 0.06 kg

Introducing POWER SYSTEM Fitness gloves PRO GRIP, the ultimate solution for durability and performance. Here's why these gloves are a must-have and the benefits they offer:

  • Unmatched Durability: Our gloves are built to withstand the toughest workouts. The ergonomically shaped palm is made of top-quality Amara material, known for its exceptional durability. With enhanced features and solid foam padding, these gloves offer maximum protection and a long service life. The double stitching on the palm and double-layered thumb further reinforce their durability, ensuring they provide efficient hand protection throughout your training sessions.
  • Breathable and Flexible: We understand the importance of glove breathability during intense workouts. The back of the gloves is made from excellent elastic and lightweight 4WAY structured fabric. This innovative material promotes optimal ventilation, preventing the accumulation of heat and keeping your hands cool and dry. Additionally, the mesh construction of this fabric ensures superior elasticity, allowing for unrestricted finger movement and enhancing your overall performance.
  • Anti-Slip and Protective: The palm of the glove is intelligently designed with two parts for optimal functionality. The foam padding provides cushioning, reducing the impact on your hands and enhancing your comfort and performance. The other part is made of genuine leather, offering excellent grip and protection. This combination not only safeguards your hands but also ensures a firm hold on fitness equipment, enabling you to unleash your full potential during workouts.
  • Humanized Design: Our gloves feature a freely adjustable wrist Velcro closure, providing flexibility for the best fit according to your wrist size. This feature ensures a secure and customized fit, giving you the confidence and stability needed during various activities such as working out, exercise, training, fitness, bodybuilding, cycling, weightlifting, and powerlifting.

Don't settle for ordinary gloves when you can experience the exceptional benefits of POWER SYSTEM Fitness gloves PRO GRIP. The durable construction, breathable design, anti-slip grip, and humanized features make these gloves the perfect choice for all your fitness endeavors. Unleash your full potential and achieve your fitness goals with confidence and comfort.

Color Violet
Size XS, S, M, L