POWER SYSTEM Foam Fitness Roller For Stretching - Color: Pink

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Foam Exercise Roller BROWSE

Product code: 4050PI-0 Weight: 0.6 kg

  • The Fitness Foam Roller roller is a trusted performance tool for improving mobility, range-of- motion, balance and gait.
  • It has been specifically designed to allow for a targeted massage or muscle workout. It is intended for self-massage relaxation
  • Techniques – use during and after workouts to massage tight and stiff muscles, decrease muscle and joint pain, increase
  • Circulation and flexibility. Regular use of a foam roller can be beneficial in preventing or recovering from injuries and preparing
  • The body for peak performance. The Fitness Foam Roller is designed to withstand repeated use without breaking down.
  • It has a durable and functional construction. It is made of dense high-quality EVA foam covering a rigid, hollow plastic core insert.
  • It features a distinctive, 3D surface made to replicate the feeling of massage therapist's hands – wide and flat like the palm,
  • Long and tubular like the fingers, and small and firm like the finger tips. The hard, hollow ABS centre provides a sturdy,
  • Long lasting frame. These materials make a resilient product that is perfect for daily use in essential workout routines and massage.