POWER SYSTEM Lifting Power Hooks Camo - Orange - Color: Orange, Size: L

Power System 3370OR Heavy Duty Lifting Power Hooks Camo - Orange
Power System 3370OR Heavy Duty Lifting Power Hooks Camo - Orange
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Heavy Duty Leather Lifting Hooks BROWSE

Product code: 3370OR-4 Weight: 0.27 kg

  • Our weightlifting hooks are designed to shift the weight from palms to your wrists during pulling exercise enhancing your grip strength allowing you to lift heavier and maximizing your reps. Thick padding in our lifting straps prevents injuries during intensive lifting
  • POWER HOOKS CAMO are made of thick & soft neoprene padding reinforced with heavy steel hooks to provide you ultimate comfort and stability. Unlike other lifting straps, our POWER HOOKS CAMO fits securely around your wrists and stabilizes your grip for absolute results
  • Easy to use and fully adjustable professional grade Velcro closure on built-in wrist straps in our lifting hooks fits with complete security and perfectly on any wrist sizes in men and women. Sold in pairs. These are your ideal grip hooks for pull-ups, lat pull-downs, shrugs, and other back and shoulder exercises
Color Orange
Size L, XL

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