POWER SYSTEM Massage Foam Roller Physix

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The Power System Physix massage roller is an ideal tool for soothing sore muscles and reducing pain in injured body parts. Ergonomic 3D surface design allows yout to massage sore muscles from different angles. The surface of the roller is made of high-quality EVA material, the center of the body is made of solid ABS material. Lightweight and compact design for easy storage in your bag BROWSE

Product code: 4118 Weight: 0.6 kg

The Power System Physix foam massage roller is the ideal tool for every athlete, fitness enthusiast, crossfitter or powerlifter who needs to relax muscles before (or after) a demanding training session. Thanks to its the revolutionary 3D teardrop ridges surface, you can target sore spots from different angles.
  • The medium-density fitness roller offers the ideal hardness for a deep-tissue massage of sore and stiff muscles.
  • Ergonomic 3D surface design allows you to massage and stretch every muscle or tendon.
  • Perfect for stretching hamstrings, arms, back or calves.
  • Ideal rehabilitation tool for injured or stiff muscles.
  • Lightweight and compact cylinder design for easy storage in gym duffle bags.
  • The center of the roller is made of ABS material, the surface is made of EVA material.
  • Available in black and red color.

Compared to standard massage rollers, the Power System Physix foam roller offers a more detailed 3D surface that will take your massage and stretching sessions to a higher level. You can use the roller for better blood circulation before a demanding gym session or to relax the muscles and massage away the built-up lactic acid in sore areas after your workout.

Color BlackRed