POWER SYSTEM Women's Weightlifting Wrist Wraps GTL - Color: Pink

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Push your new limits with the Power System Women's Wrist Wraps GTL (Girl That Lifts). Durable elastic material will keep your wrist safe and secure and also minimizes pain when lifting with injured wrists. Equipped with smart thumb loops, the wraps will always sit comfortably on your wrists and support you when hitting your new bench press, overhead press, or clean & jerk PRs. BROWSE

Product code: 3510PI-0 Weight: 0.154 kg

Break your limits with Power System Wrist Wraps GTL (Girl That Lifts) and achieve new PRs (Personal Records). Wrist wraps will support you during your next bench press, overhead press, or clean & jerk.

  • Available in light pink and light blue color.
  • Made of 50% cotton, 20% PES, 20% rubber, 10% PVC.
  • Comes in slick and practical packaging.
  • Equipped with a smart thumb loop to ensure a perfect and tight fit.
  • Wrist wraps come in pairs.

Thanks to its durable elastic material, the Power System Wrist Wraps GTL will ensure tight and stable wrists when performing strenuous exercises and will minimize pain when lifting with a wrist injury. The design of the wraps implements elements of modern trends and is offered in light pink and light blue. Thanks to its smart thumb loop, you can be sure that the wraps will sit nicely and comfortably on your hand. The wraps come in a practical bag that will make it easier to store inside your duffle bag.

Color BluePink