POWERSYSTEM Bench Blaster Ultra

- PS 3720

POWER SYSTEM Bench Blaster Ultra



POWER SYSTEM Bench Blaster Ultra

This power lifting bands is made of nylon fabric, solid and durable.


  • When bench presses, the protective arm assists the arm to stabilize the support. When the muscle is exhausted, it produce the damage caused by the vibration. It can avoid it and at the same time help you maintain the correct weightlifting posture.
  • Protect the elbow, solve the shoulder press pain
  • Correct force, correcting bench press posture
  • High elastic bandage, prevents arm shake
  • High elastic rubber band, enhanced bench press strength
  • Ensure the perfect form keeps the elbows tucked, the lats tight and shoulders in a good position. Good support and protection for your sport.
  •  Great tool for all lifters wanting to add pounds to their bench press. Most athletes can catch 10-15% increase in their bench press. 
PS 3720

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