With years of experience in the sport industry and the motivation to bring high-quality and innovative products designed to help athletes is how ARIANA SPORTS came to life. The company was founded in Prague, the Czech Republic in 1994. Our quest is to create a superior line of sports products that are safe, reliable and modern. We offer products for weightlifting, powerlifting, fitness, yoga, strength training, home exercise, boxing and martial arts. The ambition of the company is not only to supply the high quality products in the markets but also to take cognizance of customer satisfaction by providing pre- and post-sale extensive services to resolve their problems exactly as they desire. ARIANA SPORTS s.r.o. is a company specialized in the design, development, manufacture and marketing. Our work policy is based on combination of top quality, latest trend, accuracy and fast service while keeping prices at the lowest. We believe that provision of high-quality products and efficient services to our clients will result in incredible dynamics and will generate substantial work and outstanding achievement. Our main focus is to exceed our clients expectations by meeting their business demands in a cost-effective manner and to sustain high standards of quality and excellence. Our goal is to bring to market only reputable quality products that work correctly and offer our customers an opportunity to make an educated buying decision to ensure they may make the right purchase. If you want a partner in building your business and making you more profitable, feel free to contact us. Your business and buying decisions can get easier. We have experience to give you knowledgeable advice on merchandising and product decisions, advise you about the products, their uses and typical market demand and tell you about the newest, hottest products arriving at the market. Each and every order is carefully processed to ensure complete and timely delivery of the goods to their final destination.We are people who make your business as important as our own. Count on us for expertise and an understanding of the people who are your customers. Count on us for service and knowledge that save you time, money and costly errors. Our aim is to have long-term and fully satisfied customers.

POWER SYSTEM is a registered trademark of Ariana Sports s.r.o. founded in 1994 that set out to market the finest gloves and belts.  We offer products for power weightlifting, fitness, yoga, strength training, home exercise, boxing and martial arts. We are dedicated to providing you with what you need to run your business profitably – reliable products and selection, affordable pricing, comprehensive support and dependable on-time delivery. Power System® is a high-quality brand providing innovative products designed to help athletes. We are grateful to each and every customer who chooses to use a POWER SYSTEM product!